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  1、if you fail, stand up again。如果你失败了,再站起来。

  2、failure, in fact, is to give up。失败,其实是放弃。

  3、believe in yourself, you can do it。相信你自己,你能做到。

  4、attitude determines altitude。态度决定高度。

  5、i want to live like a sculpture!我要像雕塑一样活着!

  6、no hands, no feet, no worries。没手,没脚,没烦恼。

  7、you have a choice every day。你每天都有选择。

  8、i"m bitter, some people more bitter than me。我苦,有人比我更苦。

  9、even if it is pirated, god is still working。即使是盗版,上帝依然做工。

  10、i still love my life, because i want to live。我仍热爱生活,因为我对生存的渴望。

  11、the meaning of life is to put all the。生命的意义在于全心全意的投入。

  12、you don"t have to please anyone, you are you!你不用取悦任何人,你就是你!

  13、the appearance of a person is the most beautiful。一个人本色的样子是美的。

  14、to have hope, to dream and to move forward。要有希望,为梦想而前行。

  15、failure is not terrible, to continue to try。失败不可怕,要继续尝试。


  16、patience is a virtue, and it is the most difficult to do。忍耐是一种美德,也是难做到的。

  17、learn to be grateful, dare to dream, never give up!学会感恩,敢于梦想,永不放弃!

  18、in life, we can"t choose what, but we can change what。在生命中,我们不能选择什么,却可以改变什么。

  19、only once and again try, no failure, no failure!只有一次又一次的尝试,没有失败,没有失败者!

  20、if others do not give you a miracle, you will become a miracle。如果别人没有给你奇迹,你就去成为奇迹。

  21、if you can"t solve your problem, just go to someone else。如果你无法解决自己的问题,就去解决别人的吧。

  22、every one of us is unique。 you are already very beautiful。我们每个人都是独特的。你本来的样子已经极美了。

  23、as long as you do not give up a day, then you have not failed。只要你一天没有放弃,那么你就还没有失败。

  24、the most severe disability, not without limbs, but no hope of life。恶劣的残障,不是没有肢体,而是没有盼望的人生。

  25、i tell people to learn to crawl, and always to love themselves。我告诉人们跌倒了要学会爬起来,并始终爱自己。

  26、courage is not not afraid, but afraid of the time you still go on to do!勇敢不是不害怕,而是害怕的时候你还去坚持做!

  27、when you complain that you don"t have any shoes, and you don"t have any feet。当你抱怨没有鞋子的时候,还有人没有脚。

  28、god had a plan in my life, and i gave them hope through my story。上帝在我生命中有个计划,通过我的故事给予他人希望。

  29、the friend around you seems to be able to decide who you are, so you have changed!你身边的朋友似乎可以决定你是谁,因而你改变了自己!

  30、you and i really can"t control what happens, but we can control how we respond。你我真的无法掌控所发生的事,但我们可以控制自己如何回应。


  1、even the worst thing in my life, for others, still has a special meaning。即使是我生命中糟糕的事情,对于别人依然有着非凡的意义。

  2、remember, sadness is no use。 please remember to bring a response to action。请记住,悲伤是没有用的。请记住,行动带来回应。

  3、the first step is to keep the change in control you don"t want or sudden。在掌控你不想要或突然发生的变化时,第一步就是保持。

  4、if you find yourself unable to create a miracle, then try to make yourself a miracle。如果发现自己不能创造奇迹,那就努力让自己变成一个奇迹。

  5、you can choose to be angry with god, or because of your lack of gratitude。你可以选择因为缺乏,而恼怒上帝,或是因为拥有而感恩。

  6、do not focus on the physical, to look at all aspects of life, to look at。不要把注意力全部放在物质上,要看看生命的所有层面,向内观看。

  7、if you do not accept yourself, not only will lead to self destruction, but also be isolated。假如不接受自己,不但会导致自我毁灭,还会被孤立。

  8、the biggest lie is that they don"t think they are good enough to think that they have no value。大的欺骗莫过于以为自己不够好,以为自己毫无价值。

  9、past is past, we can not change; the future is not yet come, we can not grasp。过去的已经过去,我们改变不了;未来的还未到来,我们也无法把握。

  10、if you don"t stop with what you don"t want, you"ll forget what you truly have。如果你不停的纠结你所没有的或者不想要的,你就会忘记你真正拥有的。

  11、if you don"t stop with what you don"t want or don"t want, you"ll forget what you truly have。如果你不停的纠结于你所没有的或者不想要的,你就会忘记你真正拥有的。

  12、now even if you use a million dollars to lure me, ask me to grow my hands and feet, i will not consider。现在就算你用百万元来引诱我,叫我长出手脚,我也不会考虑。

  13、a hug is a healing way to let them know how much you love them not to doubt the power of words!拥抱是一种疗伤的方式让对方知道你有多么爱他们不要怀疑话语的力量!

  14、i am quite sure that god will not make mistakes, and he will create miracles。 i am one, you are also。我十分确定上帝不会制造错误,祂会创造奇迹。我是一个,你也是。

  15、think that you are not good enough, this is the biggest lie。 think that they are not worth, this is the biggest cheat。认为自己不够好,这是大的谎话。认为自己没价值,这是大的欺骗。

  16、you can"t give up your dream, but you can change the way, because you don"t know what will be in the corner of life。你不能放弃梦想,但是可以改变方向,因为你不知道在人生的拐角处会遇到什么。

  17、in my opinion, life must follow some key principles, the first one is to be grateful, it is time for thanksgiving。在我看来,生活中要遵循一些关键的原则,首要的一条就是要感恩,是时候感恩了。

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